Back Door Friends

Back Door Friends

Come on in!
Come on in!

In the south, close friends and family always use the kitchen door to enter one’s house. The front door is reserved for those uppity neighbors, the preacher and his wife, and salesmen. In most of the houses of people I’ve known (well) in the south, the front door may not even really work from lack of use!

Lots goes on in that kitchen.  Meals are prepared, secrets shared, problems hammered out. Handwork is always handy for moments away from the stove. Sewing, knitting, knotting, one can get a lot done in the 15 minutes the food is simmering.

Creativity takes a lot of forms, and one of the basic tenets of creativity is that it is contagious.  Creativity tends to spark creativity; and the second tenet is that practicing creativity breeds more creativity.  (It’s like exercise in that the energy is renewed and amped up with repeated use.) Lately I’ve really enjoyed watching my daughter discover the joy of baking and how she takes such care arranging the food for maximum visual impact. She’s getting really good and more and more adventurous, and we are all enjoying  eating what she makes! And  the second “wave” is watching my son who is then inspired to take photos of these beautiful creations, and how much his work has improved with the practice. And the funny thing is that with all of the house within which to work, we are all huddled in the kitchen together where the energy seems to center. But in my history, we’ve always gathered in the kitchen, ever since I can remember, and in every house I can remember.

Love on a plate
Love on a plate

My studio is my kitchen. It’s always a bit of a mess (this may be an understatement – come and see for yourself!) and often I have to shake myself back into the world to be able to even talk. Nothing gives me more pleasure than welcoming visitors into my studio. Lately, though, I have found myself a bit protective about who comes in, and it’s made me think a little about “the company we keep”. I have become more aware of the energy that accompanies people, and of what can happen when those energies merge or collide. It can be magic!

Where does your magic happen?

4 thoughts on “Back Door Friends”

  1. I dunno, Sylvia, you gotta be quick around here. We’re kind of pros at that kind of magic ourselves! Come on over, let’s have a demo!

  2. If you’d like to see my magic in action, I’ll be happy to drop by and show you my disappearing chocolate trick. In fact, you might want to make sure you keep that back door locked.

  3. Remember the drama trying to get that front door opened???

    I have been threatening to get a clear plastic shower curtain and a waterproof marker, since I can’t seem to remember from the time I have the idea until the time I get dry! I do now have a pen and paper beside the bed …

    And I’d say “magic” is a GREAT word for what comes out of your sewing room, Laurel Rudolph!

  4. I remember before we really knew each other, I came to your front door. Now it’s the garage or side door. I love the welcome from those doors and even when I just walk in when the garage door is open, I’m always welcomed with a smile and a hug.

    If I were to be totally honest, I’d say my magic happens in the shower. At least the thought process starts there until I can find waterproof sewing supplies. Or, it starts when we get together and plant creativity seeds for each other. I’m not as creative in the kitchen as I used to be for a lot of reasons so I guess my sewing room is where the magic continues.

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