Quilters Take The Art World

Quilters Take the Art World

Ann Loveless, of Loveless PhotoFiber from Frankfort, Michigan, won the $200,000 Public Vote Grand Prize from ArtPrize on October 9, 2015. Her work, Northwood Awakening, is a 60 by 300 inch quilt, made in several panels. This is made especially interesting since she also won in 2013, with ArtPrize 2013 Public Vote Grand Prize winner for Sleeping Bear Dune Lakeshore. 

According to the ArtPrize website, “ArtPrize voters have time and again elevated work that is technically difficult and masterfully created” as the winners of the competition. In another quote from their website:

“Once again, reverence for technical skill in two-dimensional work—this time in a stunning combination of large-scale photography and intricate textile—has captured the imagination of the voting public,” said Christian Gaines, ArtPrize Executive Director. “It’s a surprising and unexpected twist to have Northwood Awakenings represent our first-ever two-time public vote winner. We’re stunned and delighted, but we’re also reflecting on how this affects ArtPrize going forward.”

Now, this doesn’t actually surprise me as much as it seems to the organizers of ArtPrize. Anyone who has ever been to a quilt show knows that feeling one gets upon entering the venue, and hearing the gasps and sighs that seem to escape unnoticed by the viewing public. Anyone with a child knows the intrinsic attraction of a quilt. And anyone with a pet, be it dog or cat or anything else 4-footed, know that a quilt will be the spot-of-choice given any number of alternatives for that pet.

I’ve not posted a photo of Ann Loveless’ quilts, as I don’t have her permission to do so, but would highly recommend a quick trip to her website to see her revolving gallery of work.

Quilts rule.

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  1. It IS encouraging, Angela. And there have been quite a few “encouraging” moments in the last year. One quilt at AQS Chattanooga sold off the wall for $10,000. Faith Ringgold’s quilt made for Maya Angelou sold for almost $500,000 at auction (Swann Gallery). I personally thought some of the art quilts at Chattanooga would sell for lots and lots, the amount of talent and work and time and practice and expertise that goes into making something like that is unimaginable for most people. Just like most art, I guess!

  2. What an inspiration! Viewing the photos of how she manages to achieve her creation was a really “wow” moment. Indeed, a well-deserved prize! So encouraging to see judges taking fabric art seriously – like $200,000 serious.

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