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Meet Marybeth Thomas Tawfik


Meet Marybeth Tawfik
Marybeth Thomas Tawfik, Owner

I have been making things from fibers since time began…

My mother would give me spools of thread to play with under her sewing machine when I was a toddler in what was obviously a working strategy to buy herself time to sew. I was encouraged from an early age by my grandmother as well. I’ve made doll clothes, clothing for myself, my friends, my children, other people and their children, custom banners, home dec. I’ve tried knitting. I’ve visited textile mills in Asia and America. I’ve participated in workshops for sewing, dyeing, designing, and quilting. I’ve watched people weave using centuries-old methods and brought home textiles from every corner of the world. I am happiest with a piece of cloth and a couple of hours.

I became interested in quilting living in Japan and took my first proper course in Hong Kong. I was quite discouraged with my initial efforts to quilt on my domestic machine and fell in love with a Gammill at the International Quilt Show in 2004. Two of my friends and I formed a quilting company called the North Sea Quilters and made a fun quilt featuring the distinctive architecture of the Netherlands, where we all three were living at the time. After a 10 day workshop with Sharon Schamber I came home and quilted the top, full of new skills and energy, and in 2007 “Little Amsterdam” won 1st place for machine quilting at the largest quilt show in Europe, the Open European Quilt Champtionship. (Leslie, Maria and I wrote a pattern book that is for sale in the shop.) I’ve been quilting with great joy ever since and have won multiple awards for solo pieces and collaborations. Cambridge Lane was opened in 2011 in part of the railroad arts district of Athens, Georgia.

While in the Mercury Air Studios I was priviledged to meet and collaborate with several amazing local artists, David Hale, Kris Davidson and Erin McIntosh. Some of these products are also available in the shop.