The Best Christmas Present

This year I was priviledged to finish a very special quilt top …

1940’s Double Wedding Ring scrappy quilt

Amy M’s grandmother pieced this top in the 1930-40’s. And then she died, when Amy’s mom was only 8 years old.

Vintage double wedding ring quilt, fabric detail

It was discovered earlier this year, and Amy decided it would be a very good present for her mom.

Vintage Double Wedding Ring quilt, 1940’s fabric detail

I quilted it using cotton thread, and an organic cotton batting, which gives the soft hand and low loft typical to the 1930’s. I also used a stencil from that period.

Double Wedding Ring quilt with reproduction 1930’s quilting stencil

We’ve left it as we found it, a few rows not finished, with the exception of a few pieces that had to be replaced from my stash of 1930’s fabrics.  We’ve bound it with a piece of pink that was given to me by a very special friend, from a group of shirting fabrics from the 1940’s from a textile mill in New Jersey. It’s perfect!

Double Wedding Ring quilt with vintage pink shirting binding


The miters can be a little tricky, but just a bit of patience and some extra stitching makes them stay down nicely …

Vintage Double Wedding Ring quilt binding detail

I hope Amy’s mom loves this as much as Amy and her daughter did! I know it’s quilts like these that make me absolutely love my job.